How to Save on Gas Prices

 SAVE on rising GAS PRICES

1. Buy gas on Monday or Tuesday during early morning hours or late night hours

2. Use Gas Apps to find cheapest gas in your area like GasBuddy, GasGuru, Checkout51

3. Use Fuel Rewards APPs to get discount on gas prices like GetUpside, Shell Fuel Rewards, etc.

4. Sign up Grocery Gas Rewards programs. Check local grocery store/Big Warehouse stores like Costco + Sam's Club for gas rewards programs.

5. Check your Tire Pressure. Low tire pressure increase your gas mileage. Put air in your tires at the recommended PSI per your car's owner's manual and save on gas mileage.

6. Adjust your budget and cut expenses. Eat out less, etc.

7. Drive less and consider carpooling, using public transit, walking, riding bikes, skateboards, etc. The less we drive the lower the demand so price should come down.


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